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  3. 3. Three quick facial photos
  4. 4. Five quick teeth selfies

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Step 2. Tell us about your goals

Step 3. Three Quick Facial Photos

Facial photos should be taken with your back against a plain wall and your phone camera flash on. They should be from shoulders up as shown below.

Facing the camera, lips together and relaxed
Facing the camera smiling
Turned toward the left, lips together and relaxed

Step 4. Five Quick Teeth Selfies

All you will need to capture these photos is a cell phone and a pair of spoons. The spoons will be used to keep the cheeks and lips out of the way so that we can get better views of your teeth. For clearer, brighter photos please make sure that your flash is on and the photos are focused. Below are examples of what the photos should look like.

Frontal view biting down
Right side view
Left side view
Upper view
Lower view

The uploading time may vary depending on internet connection and image size. Please do not close window.